Celebrities/Socialites and Their Valentino - PICS & CHAT

  1. Olivia palermo:
    Rachel bilson with Valentino Carnivorous Flower Shoulder Bag:
    Taylor momsen with Valentino Loop 360 Sequin Bow Hobo in Silver:
    Taylor momsen with Valentino Vanite Studded Dome Tote:
    v1.jpg v2.jpg v3.jpg v4.jpg v5.jpg
  2. Victoria beckham with Valentino Sequinned Bag in Grey:
    Victoria beckham with Valentino Pintucked Shopper:
    Whitney port with Valentino All Over Studded Bag in Black:
    v2.jpg v3.jpg v4.jpg v5.jpg v1.jpg
  3. love it!!!! keep them coming!!!!
    thanks for posting!
  4. Awesome thread ladies!!!
  5. Wow I am so glad I started this the bags are gorgeous.... I want so many of them...
  6. This is not a Celb .... but the model has on the most stunning Valentino Ruffle Leather Jacket and Skirt set i have ever seen..

  7. Ooh, a wonder how much that would set a girl back.

    Great idea for a thread, by the way!
  8. ^^Nordstrom had it for the spring, if I remember correctly, it was around 7K
  9. And I'll be scratching that one off the want list.

    Thanks ;)
  10. Whitney, Jessica and Nikki always has the best bags imo :smile:
  11. Lol! Sorry to burst your bubble!
  12. A "who wore it better"... I'm going with Zoe!

  13. The reason I bought my first rosier... Lindsay Price on the set of "Lipstick Jungle". Anyone else miss that show?

  14. definitely need this bag!!!!
  15. Love Whitney's bag!