Celebrities Public Displays of Affection - PICS

  1. :graucho:

    Couldn't resist this:

    Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend
    Beyonce & Jay-Z
    AA2003-06-26_001.jpg AA2003-09-07_005.jpg AA2004-01-07_001.jpg AA2005-06-24_004.jpg BeyonceKnowles holiday17.jpeg
  2. Beyonce & Jay-Z
    Charlize Theron & Stuart
    Cameron & Justin
    Courteney Cox & David
    BeyonceKnowles holiday19.jpeg BeyonceKnowles holiday25.jpeg BLOGcharlize.jpeg Cameron & Justin spend Easter together 09.jpg ccda36COURTCOX&DAVIDARQUESTEJP.jpg
  3. Courteney Cox
    Charlize Theron
    & their other halfs
    ccda49COURTCOXARQJP.jpg ccda54COURTCOXARQJP.jpg charlize2.jpeg CharlizeTheron2518 (1).jpeg CharlizeTheron AA2003-09-07_004.jpg
  4. Charlize Theron
    Courteney Cox
    Matt Perry
    contigo_002.jpeg Courteney Cox & Mathew Perry #1 RL.jpg em03-18COUTRCOXJPEG.jpg em03-53JP.jpg FMP-047534.jpeg
  5. More celebs
    Cameron&Justin / Beyonce & Jay-Z / Courteney Cox & David
    gdfgdfg.jpg holiday10.jpeg holiday27.jpeg holiday40.jpeg HOT Bmclaire01COURTENEYCOXJP (1).jpg
  6. Cameron D & Justin T :yes:
    hornytoads.jpg hornytoads1.jpg hornytoads2.jpg hornytoads3.jpg hornytoads4.jpg
  7. More Cammy & JT
    Courteney Cox
    hornytoads5.jpg hornytoads7.jpg HOT CourteneyCox ccda56COURTCOXARQJP.jpg jjgjkg1.jpeg kkhkkh1.jpeg
  8. Cammy& JT....
    LA gggg.jpg LA hhh.jpg LAKERS yzcd.jpg lakers zaaak.jpg m922bl.jpeg
  9. Cameron Diaz
    Mena Suvari
    Courteney Cox
    m922br.jpeg m922c7.jpeg MenaSuvari 1124111JP (20).jpg ojlkj6.jpeg Outside the Standard Hotel.jpg
  10. Cute thread!!
  11. Cute!!
  12. Great thread!

    Jen & Brad
    Jen&Brad.jpg Jen&Brad2.jpg Jen&Brad3.jpg Jen&Brad4.jpg Jen&Brad5.jpg
  13. Thanks Karo and everyone else - as usual Karo, you're always one step ahead of me - I was just about to post those pics of jen n brad!! Cheeky! :yahoo:

    Brad n Jen getting up close and rather personal - these pics make me sad. I really wish they'd worked it out. But then he and Ange have really got a good thing going..... :crybaby: honest - It makes me really sad.
    HONEYMOON D-05.jpg HONEYMOON D-06.jpg HONEYMOON D-07.jpg Holiday #2 (in Acapulco) 00.jpg Holiday #2 (in Acapulco) 05.jpg
  14. More of Brad n Jen being really normal - and yet insanely sweetly cute together........ :sad: booo hooo :crybaby:
    carJen gets her 'BEARd' hug 00.jpg carJen gets her 'BEARd' hug 01.jpg carJen gets her 'BEARd' hug 02.jpg COMBATS JenAniston Jennifer & Best Friend Andrea Bendewald 02 (10).jpg COMBATS JenAniston Jennifer & Best Friend Andrea Bendewald 02 (13).jpg
  15. More of Jen-Jen & Bradley PittStop.
    How long did their marriage last? was it about 4 years :shrugs:
    Holiday #1 02.jpg Dine with friends 03.jpg HONEYMOON A-01.jpg HONEYMOON A-02.jpg HOT Holiday #7 ~ Romance 01.jpg