Celebrities' plastic surgery disasters...

  1. I thought this would be interesting.

    Paris Hilton

    Jessica Simpson


    Nicole Kidman

    Natalie Imbruglia
  2. Mickey Rourke

    Pamela Anderson (always a classic!)

    Vivica Fox


    Pete Burns:wtf: (don't really know him but I thought I should share!!!)

    Post away!!!;)
  3. It's interetin, thanks for posting!
    Anyone knows who is this Pete Burns? Never heard of him.
  4. I don't even think half of those neccessarily had surgery. They don't look too different in the photos. And why oh why would anyone, including Paris make her nose LARGER? :rolleyes:

    Make over / loosing weight (or in Paris' case, growing up) =/= surgery.
  5. interesting -- thanks for posting
  6. I dont think the first four look like they have had surgey at all and Pete Burns is from Liverpool, UK. He had a band and they were quite big over here in the 80's he was married to a woman, but is now gay and dressings in men and womens clothes preffering his upper half to resemble a woman and his lower half to remain as a man.
  7. yes his band was dead or live, right? they had a few good hits in the 80's.

    he is suing his plastic surgeon over his lips.

    most of these pics are from awfulplasticsurgery.com
  8. You spin me right round, baby ... like a record baby. :wlae:

    Most of the before and afters don't look any different to me. :shrugs:
  9. "Right round round round."
    "I want your looooooove. I want your loooooooove."

    The band's name was Dead or Alive.
  10. Wow, Paris looks totaly different :shocked:
  11. what!!? i thought paris' bird nose was natural! lol
  12. Paris should fire her surgeon...
  13. I feel bad for Paris, I dont think there was anything wrong with her nose before the ops
  14. Nope. She paid money to look like Tweety Bird!

  15. LOL...I know!!! Why would you ever PAY someone to give you a bigger and stranger nose???? wth?