Celebrities Love Water....

  1. I need encouragement to drink the recommended 1.5 litres of water a day - and this is a good way for me to keep motivated!

    Madonna London - Volvic 2.jpg Madonna London - Volvic.jpg MM WaterBottle.jpg MM WaterBottle2.jpg Keith Urban Water.jpg
  2. QUEEN VICTORIA Leaving Evian in France

    Victoria Beckham was back in her favourite fluffy black jacket and skin tight jeans as she left her hotel in France. Accompanied by her brother Christian and son Brooklyn, Victoria is now most likely going to get back into the task of preparing for her move to Hollywood. Thankgod her bodyguard guarded her Evian supply, she’s got to keep a clear mind on all that money she has to spend!:yahoo:

    Notice if you look closeley - those are peppermint tea bags with her Evian, I think she uses Evian in her kettle instead of tap water - oh my! :sweatdrop:
    Victoria Evian1.jpg
  3. Lindsay drinks Arrowhead

    Kelly Clarkson drinks Glaceau's Vitamin Water - you can't get it in UK :crybaby: . I don't like Kelly Clarkson either.
    Lindsay Arrowhead 1.jpg Lindsay Arrowhead 2.jpg KellyClarkson Glaceau Vitamin Water.jpg
  4. Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane picks up a case of SMART WATER.
    Greys Anatomy star Eric Dane 2.jpg
  5. My beauty, Jennifer Aniston. She loves SMART WATER and is rumoured to be the next face of the water. :rolleyes:
    jennifer-aniston-smart-water-01.jpg jennifer-aniston-smart-water-02.jpg jennifer-aniston-smart-water-03.jpg jennifer-aniston-smart-water-04.jpg jennifer-aniston-smart-water-05.jpg
  6. This thread makes me feel dehydrated

    *reaches water bottle*
  7. More Jennifer Aniston
    Jen.jpg Jen2.jpg
  8. Hi Karo! How's it going?

    More pics of celebs drinking their choice....

    Cameron D
    Christina Aguilera
    Diane Sawyer - Evian
    Jess Alba - Fiji - cases of the stuff! :wtf:
    L-Lo and her beloved Voss
    CammyD.jpg christina.jpg Diane Sawyer Evian.jpg jessalba.jpg lindsay-lohan-see-through-blackberry-voss.jpg
  9. Liv Tyler - Evian
    Lindsay Lohan - Voss
    Madonna - Volvic
    Diddy - Evian
    LivTyler Evian2.jpg LivTylerEvian1.jpg LLOVOSS1.jpg madonna water.jpg P Diddy Evian Action Bottle.jpg
  10. Hi beastofthefields,

    This is another great thread and you're doing much better than I, as always so many great pics you've got.
    Thanks :smile:
  11. Kate Hudson
    kate.jpg Kate2.jpg
  12. Awwwwwwwww thanks Karo!

    Here's a few more: :drool:

    DBeckham.jpg Heidi Klum - cute cute cute.jpg
  13. Matt Damon
    matt_damon_050831_01.jpg matt_damon_050831_02.jpg matt_damon_050831_03.jpg matt_damon_050831_04.jpg
  14. Lovely LivTyler
    Liv Evian.jpg Liv with Danone Water 2.jpg Liv with Danone Water.jpg
  15. Nicole Richie with Fiji Water - what a waste. :shrugs:
    ncioletanwater.jpg nicoleisfiesty.jpg nicoletakethat.jpg nicolethrows.jpg