Celebrities & Longchamps

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  1. I really love Longchamp La Paige folding bags and I just realized that I have never seen pictures of celebrities with one of those.

    Safe to say the Longchamp is not an IT bag at all?
  2. They're probably not "gifted."
  3. the only celebrity ive seen who uses her longchamp le pliage all the time is kate middleton ... longchamp le pliage are quite famous in paris from what ive heard a lot of girls are seen using the bag .. I love my longchamp le pliage bags love the diff colors and how light it is
  4. Hi. I've actually seen a few photos of celebs carrying Longchamps. Most of the time it's those airport pics when they've got so much bags.
  5. I was watching one of my Korean shows when I spotted the main actress carrying a similar strap. I finally paid attention when she showed her entire outfit and she is wearing this season's Mademoiselle Colorblock Crossbody!

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  6. Well spotted! It's amazing how we can be casually reading an article or watching a TV show and suddenly, we spot an LC when we least expect it :biggrin:
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