***Celebrities in their Louboutins*** POST PICS HERE

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  1. Lets get started again!
    Lily Becker, wife of ex-German tennis player Boris Becker
  2. German TV celeb Verona Pooth
  3. She pretty! But dang! Her toes be spilling out!

  4. Definitely refreshing to see older classic styles still being worn by the stars.
  5. Jessica Alba credit: zimbio
    Jessica+Alba+Spike+TV+10th+Annual+Video+Game+VqJ5V09vpEex.jpg Jessica+Alba+Spike+TV+10th+Annual+Video+Game+BhAkf5yQALAx.jpg
  6. Demi Moore credit: zimbio
    Demi+Moore+OHWOW+HTC+Celebrate+Release+Terrywood+Eo3FVhlGPWHx.jpg Demi+Moore+OHWOW+HTC+Celebrate+Release+Terrywood+OjSZcALiPqBx.jpg
  7. Nicky Hilton credit: zimbio
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. Kylie Minogue credit: gettyimages
    157827846.jpg 157827869.jpg 157827868.jpg
  10. Which style is Demi wearing? Seems like a thick heel
  11. Looks like Bambou. And WTF is up with her pedicure?

    (and, well, everything else too)
  12. wow Ms. Hilton's toe is screaming to be set free. I hate seeing poorly fitted shoes. Her salesperson should be ran out of town.
  13. Nikki Reed
  14. Already been posted

    Carmen Electra