Celebrities hired to promote LVs

  1. Do they really get to keep the bags? I heard that JLO got all of the MC line because she modeled for LV and was entitled to get the bags for free.
  2. I am not a 100% sure, But i think they are just rumors.
  3. i don't see why not. all other shoots they usually get to keep items if they request.
  4. I heard that Jlo does not model for them anymore because, when she was done with her shoot she had her assistant gather up all the bags and told them she was taking them and they told her she had to pay for the bags if she wanted to keep them and she was less than pleased...thats the rumor I heard...
  5. ^^^Wow!
  6. I heard the same!
  7. Me too... you can google that rumour, but that's still no guarantee it ever really happened.

  8. i actually heard JLO got taken off from the campaign because she demanded all the bags and other related LV products for free and basically walked away with them.

    seriously- these celebs make crap load of money and yet they still have to be stingy about them.

  9. I heard that too. LV weren't happy about it.
  10. I was just talking about this subject yesterday !!!
  11. They should definately have to pay for the bags! Unless they work it into their contracts that part of their payment is the bags.

    They make more than enough money to purchase these items. I know some of the newer labels give celebrities their clothing/accessories for free to get some PR and notoriety, but LV doesn't need that.
  12. Yeah, and think about how much they are being paid in the first place just to be in the ads! And then to assume you'll get free stuff on top of that. Geez! I never thought it was fair that all these celebrities are always being handed expensive free stuff all the time. I guess the companies figure it's free advertising if it's pictured in their hands ... but it seems so unfair. :sad: