Celebrities @ Fashion Week 2007

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  3. i love roger federer. and the hilton sisters= pure :heart:!
  4. Everytime I see Ashton Kutcher, I think of Kelso from The 70s Show :lol::lol:
  5. Ms Cameron Diaz is looking gorgeous as a brunette. What is with Kelly Rowland's bangs?!...too much pomade?! I didn't realize Rodger Federer had such a big underbite! Thanks for the lovely pics, Prada's Meadow!
  6. kayne and his fiance are so adorable!
    lucky lady
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  8. [​IMG][​IMG]

  9. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Woah! Look at Carmen's 'runway hair!!!' LMAO!

  11. [​IMG] /[​IMG]
  12. OMG, Courtney Cox's outfit looks like it came straight out of an MC Hammer dance video! She shoulda known better!

    Posh Spice looks like she wants to kick someone's @ss (as usual)

    Dita Von Teese and Lil Kim look like cartoon characters, or like they're dressed up for Halloween

    Scarlett Johanssen is RADIANTLY GORGEOUS

    I love Kate Bosworth's hair (makes me want a bob cut even more!)

    Liv Tyler may be Hollywood's most beautiful woman.

    Still don't "get" Mischa Barton and why she's so famous: not pretty, not that good of an actress. ?????
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    Avril Lavigne, Heather Graham, Christina Milian and Petra Nemcova make a cozy front-row quartet at Fashion Week's Diesel show on Wednesday.
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