Celebrities Exercising

  1. If there is already a thread for this I'm sorry - I have looked for one and couldn't find it. But if I'm wrong then hopefully the powers that be will be able to put this in the right place?? :drool:
    3436-399x600.jpeg CameronDiaz Hawaii 01.jpg Cameron & Justin walking in the Hollywood hills 04.jpg SURF01vgjhgjSURF.jpg Hawaii 010.jpg
  2. The queen of exercise herself - Jessica Biel
    Jessica Biel DOG PARK Yellow Shirt 00 (9).jpg Jessica Biel DOG WALKING 00 (1).jpeg Jessica Biel DOG WALKING Black 00.jpg Jessica Biel DOG WALKING Green 00 (1).jpeg Jessica Biel DOG WALKING Pink&Black 00 (9).jpeg
  3. Jessica Alba
    jessicaalba_full_0413_365x300.jpeg 1386-454x600.jpeg 1479.jpeg jess2.27.jpeg
  4. Katie Holmes heading to her gym
    KatieHolmes VON DUTCH beforethegym 05.jpeg KatieHolmes VON DUTCH beforethegym 08.jpeg KatieHolmes Von Dutch beforethegym 09.jpeg KatieHolmes VON DUTCH beforethegym 00.jpeg KatieHolmes VON DUTCH beforethegym 02.jpeg
  5. Thanks for the pics! Makes me want to go workout.
  6. Me too. I hate it when celebs say they don't work out and eat a lot.
  7. Great thread !.
  8. i agree guys!! motivates me too!! thx for the pics
  9. Great thread!!!! Thanks for posting! If I find anything,I will be sure to post!
  10. Here are a bunch of pics of Jessica Simpson working out, or on her way to work out....she always looks so cute!!!
    78.jpg 564.jpg 648.jpg 1283.jpg 1344_small.jpg
  11. Here's more!!!
    1459.jpg 2279_small.jpg 1673.jpg
  12. Jessica Alba is just too perfect! She is gorgeous.
  13. Great thread!

    Reese Witherspoon jogging.
    Reese.jpg Reese1.jpg Reese2.jpg Reese3.jpg Reese4.jpg
  14. Courteney Cox jogging and playing tennis.
    Courteney.jpg Courteney1.jpg Courteney2.jpg Courteney3.jpg Courteney4.jpg
  15. Jennifer Aniston exercising
    Jennifer.jpg Jennifer1.jpg Jennifer2.jpg