Celebrities Eating.....

  1. :yahoo:
    I love stuff like this - please don't hate me.....

    Denise Richards eating chocolate

    Rachel Bilson eating what looks like a 'choc-dip'
    DeniseRichards ggdrcareatsDenise_Richards_11.jpg DeniseRichards ggdrcareatsDenise_Richards_12.jpg rachel73.jpeg rachel80.jpeg
  2. Cameron Diaz
    Hillary Duff
    Cameron & Jared eating @ a restaurant (with bottled water) JPEG.jpg FOOD HILLDUFFnormal_01%7E0.jpg FOOD HILLDUFFnormal_01%7E0 (1).jpg FOOD HILLDUFFnormal_01%7E0 (3).jpg FOOD HILLDUFFnormal_01%7E0 (4).jpg
  3. LiLo
    Cameron Diaz
    FOOD LindsayLohan lindsaylohan32 (5).jpg FOOD LindsayLohan lindsaylohan32 (6).jpg FOOD NICOLE227uv5vg (15).jpeg FOOD z Cameron eating @ a restaurant (5).jpg FOOD X-LLohan112005-15_1_.jpeg
  4. The Beauty that is the Bielster - tucking into a juicy sanger.......:drool: :wtf: :yahoo:
    Jessica Biel EAT Green 00 (1).jpg Jessica Biel EAT Green 00 (2).jpg Jessica Biel EAT Green 00 (3).jpg Jessica Biel EAT Green 00 (6).jpg Jessica Biel EAT Green 00 (5).jpg
  5. Jennifer Aniston - true beauty she is.....true beauty!!
    1new0904b.jpeg Along Came Polly 06.jpg Balboa 02.jpg Balboa 04.jpg Doggy Bag 03.jpeg
  6. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back in the 2003 having a dinner and dining with some friends in the Ivy in 2004.
    Brad and Jen1.jpg Brad and Jen2.jpg Brad and Jen3.jpg Brad and Jen4.jpg Jennifer Ivy.jpg
  7. Courteney Cox sipping a cocktail on haliday in Sardinia in 2006 and eating in a reastaurant in 2002.
    Also Courteney with daughter Coco and Lisa Kudrow in 2004.
    Courteney Cox.jpg Courteney.jpg Courteney, Coco and Lisa.jpg
  8. Victoria Beckham out for a meal in London with Geri Halliwell

    & at Disneyland with an apple & coke
    BECKHAMS 53257770 (26).jpeg BECKHAMS 53257770 (31).jpeg HOT BECKHAMS 53257770 (28).jpg VictoriaBeckham Victoria at DisneyWorld USA1171 JP.jpg
  9. Cool pics Karo - thanks for joining in!! :p

    The true beauty - Liv Tyler
    Cand_Liva-4_Liva-550008.jpeg Cand_Liva-6_Pari-40000.jpeg Cand_Outa_NewY-510009.jpeg Even_Cele_Liva-10003.jpeg
  10. Mossy having lunch with frankie rayder in london & jack osbourne in LA
    KateMoss 2452970 (1).jpg normal_jack1.jpeg KateMoss 2452970 (4).jpg KateMoss 1885853MM014_katemoss (11).jpg KateMoss 1885853MM014_katemoss (6).jpg
  11. sjp
    2005033SJPjp.jpg SARAHJESSICAPARKER&HUBBY00103402000004jp.jpg SJPp30JPEG.jpg
  12. Jessica Simpson & Cacee Cobb
    16.jpeg 13jessnickmiami.jpg HOT 25 (1).jpg Mobile Phone - Cacee Cobb.jpg nicknjess16 (7).jpeg
  13. Kirsten Dunst having a munch
    CHLOE SILVERADO KirstenDunst ffcarkd060705_3 (7).jpg KirstenDunst kdout6 (3).jpg KirstenDunst kdout6 (4).jpg KirstenDunst wow100705_27 (6).jpg KirstenDunst tobey3 (48).jpg
  14. Bradley Pitt Stop goes out to dinner with Angelina Jolie & kids :rolleyes:
    3328.jpeg 3820.jpeg 4018.jpeg
  15. Matt Perry & Courteney Coxxle @ Joan's on third
    4jygj.jpeg 7.jpeg 8.jpeg 9.jpeg 10.jpeg