Celebrities Carrying HH!

  1. Bump
  2. Britney July 5th...carrying lovely Nico!


  3. This is recent?!!! :nuts:

    I figured it was the same pic of her as before w the nico!!!

    Oooooh, remember how we used to fawn over studly nico, too?!!!!
  4. I think it must be the old pic, several years ago... .? I think I remember the old one being her in the same outfit, same fedora.
  5. I like the fact she's carrying a bag she's had 4eva! I love that Nico. Maybe I should bid on that isnik yellow Lorca on the bay.
  6. I stand corrected :biggrin: And she's so talented, troubles aside. Way to stick with your Nico, Gurl!:queen:
  7. Hot bag, AWFUL outfit though. :sick:
  8. Lol Cho! I was thinking Jenn could be right and the whole outfit has been worn before?

    I will say her figure is looking good! Gosh I need to get back to the gym....

    And now you all know where I am when not here... Lurking in the celeb forum :lol:
  9. that's awesome. she must really love her nico! it still looks great, too.

    i saw the movie ted last week and in one of the earlier scenes, mila kunis was putting away the groceries that she carried from what looked like one of those hh for anthro canvas bags.
  10. Looolll, dream! You're like where in the world is carmen sandiego!
  11. Her off-time outfits are soooo not me, but girl probably gets sick of being messed with all the time with stylists, hair and makeup, etc., that she just dresses however she wants when she's not working and doesn't gaf about what anyone thinks. I love that her Iznik Yellow bag still looks to be in really good shape! That's a hard color to keep nice and pretty.