Celebrities Carrying HH!

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  1. Has anyone seen a pic of someone famous with an HH bag? If so, do tell!
  2. OK, this is weird, but here it is...Britney Spears carrying an (Iznik?) yellow Nico a couple days ago! http://perezhilton.com/2010-01-28-britney-and-jason-at-lax

    Sez Perez: "Ugh, that OUTFIT — but we like the yellow bag!"

    I think Britney might be more comfortable if she lengthened the strap.


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  3. maybe she's trying to hide something???
  4. Thanks for posting and I think she looks ridiculous.
  5. Oh no! It looks like she is reverting back to her "crazy" days. I hope she is not!
  6. I really feel bad for her... have a lot of experience with bi-polar disorder and I hope she gets the help she needs. And that someone tells her how awful those glasses are :P
  7. I feel bad for Britney too!
  8. how exactly is she wearing that poor bag? i wish i'd been into HH when iznik yellow came out - i love yellow and am hoping HH will produce their spring line in large part 'cause i want an HH bag in yellow!
  9. And is that the one Piggy sold!?!!? PiM.... did Britney Spears buy your Nico??
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    this is a much better picture:


    geez, the other one was hideous... did disservice to the bag.
  11. :weird: Yeah, but this one shows more of her outfit! :throwup:
  12. yeah we better dig up some other photos of celebs and hayden harnett... just to wash our eyes with
  13. On the positive side I like the sweater with the Nico
  14. :lol:
  15. I was wondering the same thing Jenn? Did she get that from PIM on ebay?? Lol. I really wonder when she got that bag as it has not been around in quite some time. I wonder if it is used or if it was just laying around in some store??????