Celebrities carrying fake Balenciagas

  1. Hi, does anyone have pics of celebrities carrying fake balenciagas or anyother brands? I hear that a lot of them have it, which is strange to me cause money is no object to them. Thanks!
  2. there's one of ashlee simpson floating around.
    i haven't seen any others.
  3. I think Nicole Richie has a fake white b bag, iirc. :flowers:
  4. There's that LV MC speedy that Anna Kournikova was carrying that fueled a big discussion at tPF
  5. Some fake LV hiltons carry too..I think some pics under Louis vuitton forum in Celebrities with their LV thread
  6. oh its terrible when hollywood stars carry fakes! i totally look up to LiLo and her bags!!! thank goodness, i havent seen her carry a fake... yet...
  7. here's a potential fake one on nicole ritchie (from TFS).


    notice the bales...

    i started to wonder why celebs would carry fakes and came up with several reasons:
    1) most will only use once for whatever paparazzi shot
    2) they or their personal assistants buy from ebay since maybe it's a waiting list item and they want to show the public they are one of the firsts to obtain it
    3) have so many darn purses that they just don't really care about any particular one all too much

    can you think of other reasons?
  8. eetee -wow. those are some funky bales! I think sometimes some bags are often confused with the real thing. Like sienna miller's flat brass classique. People often think it's a fake because it has flat studs and it looks nothing like the more recent ones.. but that white classique has some weird bales. :smile:
  9. Don't the studs on Nicole's white "bbag" look wierd???
  10. I also think the studs look weird, but I am still baffled! I was convinced this post would not be easy to reply to, you girls proved I was wrong.