Celebrities carrying bright color bags

  1. For some reason, I thought it'd be pictures of like seriously "coloured" bags, like day-glo coloured ! But that's cute, I like the colour of the Bulga that they chose for the purchases page. And I'm not sure if rent money can really cover a BV !
  2. Ya, that's exactly what I was thinking too! For some reason, I think the bags that they're showcasting on their site is rather "last season." :lol:
  3. ^^^ Agreed ! I'm almost embarassed to say that, I feel like such a bag snob !
  4. Aren't we all... aren't we all? :lol:
  5. i like colorful bags! add some kick!

    are the bulga bags still popular? b/c i saw an eggplant bulga on sale for like $150...
  6. I like Nicole's orange bag. So bright! Bright = [heart].
  7. I love orange and neon colored bags lol
  8. I loved all those bright colored bags.
  9. What is that green bag Maria Menounos is carrying? It looks familiar but I can't think of what it is...