Celebrities Blogging

  1. MKA launched their official website: Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen - Official Website
    You can shop internationally,download,listen to music,read MKA's beauty tips and even participate by submitting designs for CD covers!

    Here's the blog too: Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen - Official Blog
    MKA welcome all fans to comment on their blogs so they could help them choose/add new ideas/songs playlist/titles or A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G creative + stylish.

    Whats up with everyone blogging? VB and now MKA ??
    THIS is a very clever idea to attract customers from the newer generation.:jammin:

    What do you think?
  2. everyone who's anyone now have their own blogs :P
  3. I know but when you see the paparazzi take pics of them like CRAZY and next thing they blog(during the same day) like nothing happened is so weird.:upsidedown:
  4. can someone plz post a link to VB blogging site? thank u =)
  5. ^^ I didnt know VB had a blog!
  6. not realy a blog but she had her site dvbstyle.com and there is a forum that is denden.co.uk there's a part only for her.
  7. I think they just like to pretend that they are real celebrities. I mean, setting up this blog...means they want attention...then hiding from the paparazzi all the time? I'm not buying it. They are not genuine. From what I've seen there really isn't anything attractive about them, personality or otherwise.