Celebrities at the HFPA Luncheon

  1. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association threw a little luncheon yesterday in Beverly Hills honoring their 2007-2008 slate of officers as well as to announce $1,200,425 in financial grants to film schools and non-profit organizations. Celebs were on hand to help announce the grants including Jennifer & Marc, Eva, Hilary Swank, Forest and Charlize.
    Charlize.jpg Charlize2.jpg Hilary.jpg Hilary2.jpg Hilary3.jpg
  2. Jennifer and Marc
    J.Lo.jpg J.Lo and Marc.jpg J.lo and Marc2.jpg J.Lo and Marc3.jpg J.Lo and Marc4.jpg
  3. Eva Mendes
    Eva.jpg Eva2.jpg Eva and Hilary.jpg
  4. Forest Withaker

    Forest.jpg Hilary and Forest.jpg J.Lo.jpg J.Lo2.jpg
  5. One more pic of Jennifer and Marc. I think it's such a romantic picture.
  6. thanks for sharing the pics!
  7. Thanks for the sharing!
  8. J-Lo always looks great. So does Eva. I love the way J-Lo did her hair, simple but so elegant and attractive.

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. I adore J. Lo's look, amazing!
  10. What a sweet picture that is of Jennifer and Marc's intimate moment!
  11. i cant believe i am writing this, but marc looks kinda hotin the pic where he took his sunglasses off:shame:
  12. Charlize and Jennifer always look so beautiful!