celebrities and tokidoki?

  1. i've seen the threads on other sub-forums about "celerities and their______" and it made me curious. has anyone ever seen a famous person with a tokidoki bag or any other tokidoki item?
  2. The only one I've seen is Fergie with an OP bella bella... Other than that, I know some celebrities have worn the shirts...
  3. fergie o_o;and jessica alba (i think)
  4. i know theres some pics where Fergie is wearing Tokidoki shirts - and then a few cycles of America's Next Top Model the girls have Tokidoki shirts on too. But other than that, I havent seen anyone carry any of the bags.
  5. One day I was watching VH1's Lives of Rockstar Wives and Slash's wife was carrying an inferno campeggio backstage at a concert. I was like "Hey that's a Toki!" Lol!
  6. Hmm other than what others have said about Fergie .. I've not seen any celebs with any toki. Then again I may just not have noticed at the time because I wasn't as insane about it then as I am now .. :biggrin:
  7. One of the characters on How I Met Your Mother wore the pink Sandy shirt on the show last season...
  8. That same footage is in True Hollywood Story: Rock Star Wives as well! I posted about it in the "Tokidoki on the streets" thread. Although, I have to say, the THS: Rap Wives is wayyyy better and more ridiculous.
  9. Well, if toki on tv is counting, (since ANTM was mentioned) there was a chick on Miami Ink once with a tan pg luna; at least it must have been a luna.. I wasn't as familiar with the styles as I am now..and I saw it and wondered why I didn't get anything in that print (but i hated all the pg when it was on the website).
  10. There was an article in one of the celebrity magazines when one of the new prints came out (I don't remember which print release it was) that said that Rene Russo was spotted at the LeSportsac store in the Beverly Center picking up bags in the new prints. But I don't believe she was ever photographed with one-- maybe they were for gifts?
  11. lindsay lohan and lesportsac.
  12. i don't know if audrey kitching is really a celebrity... well, a "myspace celebrity" i guess, but there are pictures of her with what i *think* is a citta rosa... luna? i can't really tell.
  13. I can't tell what that is either. I want to say gioco, but the straps look too short.
  14. Looks like a smushed-flat luna.
  15. I saw that episode. It was actually a tan pg andiamo or campeggio. I'm pretty sure it was an andiamo though. My bf and I were drooling over the bag! :lol: