Celebrities and Their Prada - PICS ONLY

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  1. Supermodel Sasha Pivovarova at the PRADA Iconoclasts event
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  3. Hilary Duff with a Cervo Lux Print Bowler
    Hilary Duff.jpg
  4. @ Prada Transformer Event in Seoul

    South Korea actress, Kim Min-Hee in Prada


    South Korea actress, Song Hye Kyo in Prada

    kimminhee_20090423_seoulbeats.jpg songhyekyo_20090423_seoulbeats.jpg
  5. South Korea actor, Oh Ji Ho


    South Korea actor, Joo Jin Hoon


    Hollywood/South Korea actor, Daniel Henney

    ohjiho_20090423_seoulbeats.jpg joojinhoon_20090423_seoulbeats.jpg danielhenney_20090423_seoulbeats.jpg
  6. Sandra Bullock
    in The Proposal

  7. Gisele Bundchen
  8. ashley tisdale

  9. [​IMG]
  10. Brigette Lin

  11. Hong Kong actress, Carina Lau in Prada


    12ec1p1new.jpg 12ec1p3new.jpg
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    Fairy bag and lace bag
    celebrities_prada_fairy_bag.jpg nicole-kidman-prada-lace-print-satchel.jpg
  13. Marcia Cross - cervo antik tote
    Bar Rafaeli in ombre tote
    Miley Cyrus in orange Naplak bowler
    marcia-cross-195x300.jpg prada-ombre-tote.jpg miley-cyrus-prada.jpg
  14. Ashely Tisdale
    Jessica Biel - denim tote
    ashley-tisdale-g.jpg jessica-biel-prada-fashion-handbag.jpg