Celebrities and their LVs

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  1. Magazine clipping with Liz, Reese, Eve, Jennifer H. and Jenny Lo.
  2. Amber Valetta with a Vernis Bleeker box
    amber valetta, bleeker.jpg

    Chloe Sevigny with trompe d'oeil bag

    Kristen Davis with.. hard to tell, either a black velvet Irvine or Gracie

    Liz Hurley with a vernis duffle (mercer ?)
    liz hurley, mercer.jpg

    Renee Z. with a plum le tal
  3. Rose Bryne with.. some sort of velvet bag
    rose byrne.jpg

    Venus Williams with a satin mini papillon.
  4. Jessica even has Trunk now!!!
  5. that was a purchase right after she left nick !

  6. wow. jessica simpson has really expanded her collection from back when i was paying lots of attention to her in the season one newleywed days...she has good taste in bags, if not always in clothes. :smile:
  7. Great photos everyone! This is by far my fav thread! :love:
  8. I can't stand JS. But I adore her Vuitton collection.
  9. I can only see two pics.:sad2: The rest won't show.
  10. Me neither.:wacko:
  11. Click on the other links below the 2 photos and they'll take you to another page with photos of them carrying LVs. They're also in the process of fixing their website.
  12. why would paris hilton carry around fakes?? thats crazy
  13. I'm drooling at all of the pics......My saliva almost drop out of my mouth right now!~!!! And I have to say, I love Naomi Campbell's pic with her Oscar Waltz!!!!!!! It's very attention-seeker!!!!~!!!!
  14. I know!!! She is way too snotty to be caught with a fake...weird. :wacko: I figured she would get her bags for free, or she'd personally go to the boutiques. I can't imagine her buying from a trunk of a car.:biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.