Celebrities and their LVs

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  1. Lil'kim
  2. ^^Is the LV her dress?^^
  3. i don't know the dress but the shoes are LV
  4. OOOOOH the shoes, I had know idea???
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Can we please put names with the pics? We have people from all over the world here, which makes this a great place, but not everyone knows every celeb. (Me included) :P
  7. good idea!:idea:
  8. gucci lover">
    Love that violette vernis luggage piece! so classy mariah :smile:
  9. ^^^I love the vernis luggage!
  10. The Violette luggage is TDF!!!
  11. Good suggestion...:shame:
  12. Agreed - I never know who half of these people are. Never heard of Audrina?
  13. Audrina is on an mtv reality show called the hills.
  14. No!!!

    The pic posted by meeeks its ASHLEY TISDALE


  15. Yes..but Audrina is on the previous page.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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