Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

  1. I recently am new to this forum, and I had to go through so many pages to see pictures. I think its way more easier this way!
  2. Ashley Tis seems to be at the airport more than any other celeb.

    I don't mind the celeb thread either way, I'm just happy it's back up since it's one of my favorites.
  3. "Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****"

    not comment about the actual thread itself - at least the chit chat is averted in the other thread but it continuous on here :shrugs:

  4. ahsley tisdale looks AMAZING with her galliera!!!
  5. This is a COMMENTS thread. If people hate the comments so much just stick to the picture thread.
  6. I like the split it means you can view without seeing the same pics 10 times quoted.

    Just a suggestion/question Would it be possible for people to post recent pics only though most of the one's posted at the minute are old and where in the old thread loads too.
  7. A totally am in love with Ashley T's Galliera... It makes me want one so I can sport it everywhere... I normally am not a fan of hobos but I think i could make an exception with this.
  8. Yes, since this is our new 'comment' thread, I'm commenting that it's cool to see new pictures on all the pages.
    It just got to be really crazy to see Jessica Simpson's Mono 30 for like 7 pages...this way, it's new all the time.
    If we have a question about something, hmmm......are we allowed to post the picture for reference perhaps? I don't know? :shrugs:

  9. Yes I agreee, but this is a COMMENTS about Celebrities and their LV's, not about HOW this thread is split into two. Thats 2 different things.

    The Chanel forum does it smoothly, why cant LV too.

    Back to the music:jammin:
  10. I like the idea of having two different threads... constant quoting and seeing the same pic over and over again was getting rather annoying. :push:

    True, we could simply delete their comments from the thread, but that's what we've done in the past two Celebs and Their LV's thread. Plus, most members should know by now that arguments need to be handled via PM and kept off boards. :tup:

    Thanks for being so patient everyone!
  11. A separate thread for comments is a great idea!

    This pic is making me reeeeeally want a mono speedy 30!

  12. I don't have a pic of it so I'll just ask if anyone saw Misty May on the Olympics last night. They showed her before her match digging into her Monogram Speedy looking for something!! This was right before she and Kerri won the gold. Congrats Misty and Kerri!!!
  13. I love the pic w/ kelly osbourne and hillary duff...I didn't know they were friends...lol
    they are polar opposites
  14. ^^ it is big but she has filled it to the brim:wtf: