Celebrities and Their LVs ***** COMMENTS ONLY *****

  1. thanks addy! i think i prefer it this way so i can view the pics as if i'm flipping through pics in a mag!
  2. I don't mind the two threads... it's just I don't think this thread should be restricted to just comments only.. I don't see how it would work out when some is asking the name of a bag I can see it going: "Does anyone know that bag Kim K is carrying it's brown with LV's and has two handles?"
  3. :yes::yes:I totally agree
  4. You can always PM me if the pic posted does not have a description and I will add the info :yes:
  5. I like this better too,
    I love watching celebs with their LV's
    and its easier to watch them without the pages of chit-chat.
  6. ^Ita!

    Thanks LV mods!
  7. Separating the comments and pics is a great idea!!!



  8. Its her lil sister Sophie (another glamour model in the making!!)
  9. does anybody know how is called Jordan's grey scarf ?
  10. Thank you Bag Fetish!!

    I like the idea of having a thread for pics only, but is there any reason why this one has to be comments only? I feel like no one gets annoyed sifting through the pics to get to people's comments :p, and that way people (like me before) can post the pics here that they have questions about or want to make a comment about.
  11. I agree.....:confused1:
  12. ^^ Maybe people should have to reference the post # (on the right side of each post).

    I like this new system too. I stopped looking at the older one as much because some pictures got recycled endlessly! This is so much more quality with less quantity :biggrin:
  13. Totally agree. It's very silly. If people don't like the comments, just don't read them.

  14. :flowers:
    Thankyou very much for responding.
  15. :yes: