Celebrities and their Hermes handbags

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  4. nnikki hilton I don't mind,,,but the rest....UGH!
  5. I agree. I am tired of seeing these slobbily dressed/coiffed girls with their really bad outfits and their beautiful bags. Birkin in one hand, trashbag in the other.
    One of the Birkins in those pictures (I cannot recognize who it is supposed to be) looks not real to me.
  6. This one looks too slouchy to be real. Either that or it's been run over by a truck (or Star Jones)
  7. This "Birkin" has been debated in the other thread aswell, in fact it's NOT a Birkin....
  8. What the heel happened to this bag??? And why does she have a strap on there like that!!! :dots:
  9. Oh Lord.....I...just...can't....stand it. Poor, poor Birkins....do these girls even know the work and care put into making them?????? ugh.
  10. I can't buy a Birkin because these girls are trashing them!!
    It's too much..."hey look at me I own a Birkin!!" :Push:
    A Kelly and Bolide, thank goodness, I think have not been trashed yet.
  11. I think I posted a comment on this already under the Celebrities section; this bag is not a Birkin, but a Lanvin Kansas (I think that's the model name).
  12. ooh dear! Todays "Sun" newspaper in Uk had a very dodgy picture of Lindsay Lohan wearing mini skirt, black skinny vest etc but with the most gorgeous kelly (poss in Toile and leather?) . but sorry girl, the fact you are carrying a kelly does not make you look any less trashy; please please put some clothes on and stop looking like you get paid by the hour! you will certainly not be competing with the likes of Audrey hepburn and Grace Kelly. also in same paper was pic of Victoria Beckham (another recent Hermes devotee) with a noce white shirt and plaid high waisted pencil skirt at NY fashion week. but please please do your buttons up! now i sound like someon'es mum!

    The Sun Online - Bizarre: Classy Victoria goes all posh VB

    The Sun Online - Bizarre: Just how Lo can lazy Lindsay go? ms lohan
  13. Thank you!:smile:
  14. I have a bad feeling we are going to see a lot more of these poor abused Birkins/Kellys as it seems like every magazine I've read that has an article on Rachel Zoe (I think that's her name...the stylist for Nicole Ritchie et al) has her saying the "hot" bag for now is the Birkin. :Push: