Celebrities and their Fendis

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM IS MY FASHION IDOL!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :love: :heart: :love:

    This is soooo my style but WHY cant I look like that in white pants!!! Oh, diet here I come!

  2. is this the cognac spy that madonna's wearing?

    Why does it look so good on her? i've seen this bag in PF members showcase's before.

    I even think I saw this IRL once:blink: .
    Hmmm. I like it.

    Must log off now :lol:
  3. Madonna's carrying the dark brown spy, not cognac.

  4. Oh. thanks :p
  5. agree LOVE b-belt... btu soo pricey.. for a BELT! owww

    hahahaaa.. dish scrubber! ahhahahaha :roflmfao:
  6. Madonna:
  7. She has always loved baguettes. Unfortunately I have to let my prized find go :sad: My friend has offered me her vintage Hermes Kelly and I can't keep both. :sad:
  8. Roo, I think you are making a really good trade off there!!! Don't feel bad! I'd choose vintage Kelly over a Fendi baguette any day!:love:
  9. Nicole looks so gorgeous. the bag looks awesome on her.
  10. thank you scarlett and all the ladies who posted great pics..they are soo fun!! hehee... :p
  11. OMG, paris is wearing MY DRESS?!?! ugghh.....out of all the people in the world, WHY HER?!?!!? yuck! :sick::sick::sick:
  12. Actually there WAS a spy made with Zucca print all over. Her bag is real
  13. [​IMG]

    Actress Nia Long

  14. hahahahaha!!!!it's so true!!:lol: :p :biggrin: :graucho: