Celebrities and their Fendis

  1. I kind of like the way Lindsay dresses. Its cute and unique. People say she cant match worth s**t, but its kind of like her way of saying, "Who cares? I'm cute, and make it look good, so F you" Haha.

    This ladies face in the background cracked me up though -
  2. pregnant and beautiful Gwen and her lovely Spy:
    spy.jpg spy2.jpg spy3.jpg spy4.jpg
  3. I love Lindsay's Fendi jacket with the B.Fendi belt!!
  4. Awww! I love Gwen to bits! I love her bag AND her doggie!
    Our little Malties look like twins! lol
  5. Gwen def. LOVES her SPYs!!!
  6. I LOVE Gwen's spys!
    The white & Red is to die for!
  7. cute Bbag....but then again, EVERYTHING looks great on Reese...:amuse:
  8. Here is Madonna, circa 2000 wearing the beaded baguette I bought recently (and posted about in a thread here)... You can't really see all of it, just some of it though.

  9. s'more celebs and fendi spys
    spyg.jpg is_10912433.jpg 3d2efc3f-s.jpg 0e_1_b.jpg
  10. I love the B Belt!

    I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reese has great black on black B Bag
  11. I agree. I love Reese Witherspoon. She's so down-to-earth natural.
  12. i just LOVE this picture.... she is so stylish
  13. yes, I also love lindsay's white b belt!
  14. I can't believe that in just a quick glance through this thread I have become alarmingly obsessed with the Spy bag. Do they come in different sizes? Must investigate...
  15. Errf I love those B belts!

    Haha Lindsay Lohan has that Spy that looks like a metal dish scrubber!

    OH! And Ashely Olsen is another case of CWFs! (Celebs with fakes) That spy has zucca all over, its only supposed to be in the middle! How could she wear that to a Fendi event?