Celebrities and Their Dior - PICS ONLY

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    Originally Posted by rainbow_rose
    fiatflux - The bag Paris Hilton is carrying is the Dior Gaucho Tote.
    Availiabe in Navy, Khaki, Ivory, Dark Brown and Burgundy (Dark Red).
    (See Below pic for Dark Brown version!)
    It retails for around $1,395, and is availiable via NiemanMarcus and Bergdorf Goodman.
    Hope This Helps.

    Thanks! Does Paris have the Navy, then?

    Girls, I do have the Dior Gaucho Tote in Black and I think that is the one that Paris is wearing. I will post some pics soon x
  2. J.Lo and her Dior Gaucho

    hhdd.JPG uuttdd.JPG

  3. Great thread! Adore adore adore Christina Aguilera with her Dior Detective!
  4. Isn't it fabulous mewlicious! Totally TDF!
  5. omg! more Christina pics with the detective. thank you. i need one.:yes:
  6. i love this thread!
  7. Of all the Dior bags, the Lady Dior is the only that appeals to me the most till today. I have seen so many trends come and go that I don't know what John Galliano is thinking sometime. But I have to admit, he's a genious and the best in couture designing though some people say they are not wearable. But, I don't care.
  8. Thanks for the pics! gah I want a gaucho bag so badly. Seems like everyone has one lol
  9. Thanks for the pics. I love the shape of the saddle! It's so different and slick.
  10. Liv with Dior.
    Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2001 Fashion Show, January 22nd, 2001, Paris


  11. Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City with Dior.
    ep35_carrie_pinkpants_flowerpin.jpg ep43_carrie_street_flowerprintdress.jpg
  12. Lindsay Lohan with Dior Gaucho.
  13. More of Lindsay w/ Gaucho
  14. Lindsay again...
  15. I guess Lindsay has all the bags out there.

    I love this dior saddle a lot. I watched this episode before & till today, the design on the saddle is still classy. :love:

    The flower brooch too which leads to many women copying the style.