Celebrities and Their Dior - PICS ONLY

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  1. Kendall Jenner
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  2. Nina Dobrev
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  3. Nicole Kidman wearing Dior for Elle USA's November cover.
    nicolekidman - B3Zau6YJI6h_B3Zau3-JCzH.jpg nicolekidman - B3Zau6YJI6h_B3Zau39pNe-.jpg
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  4. Rihanna wearing Dior in Vogue's November 2019 issue.
    fashiontomax - B3ZqIZbBdfg_B3ZqIWbBYuZ.jpg
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  5. Irina Shayk photographed by the late Peter Lindbergh for Dior.
    irinashayk - B3Zl9w8n-NZ.jpg
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  6. Khloé Kardashian
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  7. Natalie Portman wearing Dior for Elle's November cover (same cover story as Nicole Kidman).
    natalieportman - B3cnrYxDnT1_B3cnrV2DWo4.jpg
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  8. Anne Hathaway
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  9. Taylor Hill
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  10. Jennifer Lawrence
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  11. Roxy Jacenko
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  12. Carina Lau wearing Dior Haute Couture for Modern Weekly.
    carinalau1208 - B3vmnE1pEjI_B3vmnBoJ9wT.jpg carinalau1208 - B3vnBl5pv7Q_B3vnBh9JrTN.jpg carinalau1208 - B3vnBl5pv7Q_B3vnBh2pthU.jpg carinalau1208 - B3vnBl5pv7Q_B3vnBh2JGvG.jpg carinalau1208 - B3vmnE1pEjI_B3vmnBppyRC.jpg carinalau1208 - B3vmnE1pEjI_B3vmnBppu7r.jpg carinalau1208 - B3vmnE1pEjI_B3vmnBpJ-Ej.jpg
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  13. Kris Jenner
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  14. Jessica Alba
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  15. Olivia Culpo
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