Celebrities and Their Dior - PICS ONLY

  1. International blogger Susana Rodrigues at the exclusive Dior Addict Extreme launch event at 30 Avenue Montaigne. The event invited international bloggers to see the couture salons, see pieces of haute couture, test the new lipstick, receive a make-over, and be photographed with Dior accessories.
    DiorAddictParis2.jpg DiorAddictParis12.jpg DiorAddictParis13.jpg DiorAddictParis14.jpg DiorAddictParis15.jpg DiorAddictParis16.jpg DiorAddictParis20.jpg DiorAddictParis21.jpg DiorAddictParis23.jpg DiorAddictParis26.jpg
  2. More pictures:
    DiorAddictParis27.jpg DiorAddictParis31.jpg SAM_2753.jpg
  3. To complete what Averagejoe posted, pictures seen on the blog "The Fashion Fruit" by Veronica Ferraro.
    201202_dior-addict-experience_22-650x432.jpg 201202_dior-addict-experience_23-650x431.jpg 201202_dior-addict-experience_24-650x978.jpg
  4. More...
    201202_dior-addict-experience_01-650x431.jpg 201202_dior-addict-experience_02-650x431.jpg 201202_dior-addict-experience_03-650x431.jpg 201202_dior-addict-experience_05-650x432.jpg
  5. Blue...
    201202_night-in-paris_11-650x979.jpg 201202_night-in-paris_12-650x431.jpg
  6. Paris Hilton credit: zimbio
    Paris+Hilton+seen+wearing+black+dress+matching+JQ1SgSB2yBdl.jpg Paris+Hilton+seen+wearing+black+dress+matching+KUsBZ5N0rE8l.jpg
  7. Dior invited a number of famous Chinese actresses to the front row of their Fall 2012 RTW show. They are donned in head-to-toe Dior.

    In the order of appearance:

    Huo Siyan
    Peng Lin
    Zhang Yuqi
    Huo Siyan.jpg Peng Lin.jpg Zhang Yuqi.jpg 140419574.jpg
  8. Tom Hardy with the Dior Chiffre Rouge A05
    Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge Tom Hardy.jpg
  9. Anyone knows which model this is?

  10. Dior celebrated the opening of its newest boutique in Taipei, the largest Dior boutique in the world, with a number of Chinese celebrities:

    In the order of appearance:

    Daniel Wu and Michelle Yeoh
    Daniel Wu, Michelle Yeoh, and Sidney Toledano
    Wu Chun
    Han Chai Yin
    Michelle Yeoh
    YaChi Giang
    Sara Chen
    taipei_event6  Daniel Wu and Michelle Yeoh.jpg taipei_event7  Daniel Wu _Michelle YEOH _Sidney TOLEDANO.jpg taipei_event13  Wu Chun.jpg taipei_event15  Han Chai Yin.jpg taipei_event18  Michelle YEOH.jpg taipei_event19  YaChi Giang.jpg taipei_event20  Sara CHEN.jpg
  11. Olivia Palermo for the cover of Marie Claire Spain (and in a photoshoot), in a Dior Spring 2012 red dress:
    olivia-palermo-marie-claire-spain-0412- (5).jpg olivia-palermo-marie-claire-spain-0412- (8).jpg
  12. Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron in the new book by Rizzoli titled "Stars en Dior", to be released in May in France, and September in the US.
    6a00d83451c76a69e20163034db936970d.jpg 6a00d83451c76a69e201676442b6de970b.jpg
  13. Jessica Biel with the Diorissimo bag:

  14. A number of top models during fashion week, with their Dior bags: (pictures from DiorMAG)

    (I really love the small sparkling Miss Dior bag in the 3rd picture)
    Karlie-Kloss-1_full-visio.jpg Aymeline-4_full-visio.jpg Carolina-6_full-visio.jpg Constance-Jablonksi-2_full-visio.jpg Kati-7_full-visio.jpg Jourdan-8_full-visio.jpg Lee-Hye-5_full-visio.jpg Shu-Pei-3_full-visio.jpg
  15. Jaime King in Summer 2012 RTW: