Celebrities and Their Dior - CHAT

  1. *Shrugs* I wouldn't know...the hardware on the bag resembles the new lock style so I just assumed it was from Dior...who knows...
  2. Don't think it's by Dior. :nogood:
  3. Sorry for wrongly identifying the handbag. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. No apologies needed :smile:
  5. She is a DJ but I don't remember her name. :smile:
  6. :biggrin::biggrin:
    I agree she looks AMAZING!!!! Well done for finding out who she is, but a DJ does not quite fit the glamour image I had previously imagined for her, but when you look like her, you can make any job glam
  7. I'd just go for the ballet flats instead of those high heels (or at least for some lower ones), that can still look very chic. here she looks like she's trying too hard.

  8. I find her so "classe" (sorry, I have no translation for this word :p)

    I have the same bag but there is just a few pictures of it with people so when I see it first it was :yahoo: for me.
  9. She's got the flats in her huge Gaucho and just changed to look extra chic :p
  10. :biggrin:

    ah, actresses...
  11. how 'bout "classy"? :biggrin:
    I agree, I saw a few more of her photos - the woman has a great style! plus I wish I had that body... it's so french, everything fits!
  12. Thank you for "classy". ;)
  13. Good on Lindsay! She's actually looking remarkably stylish and chic with her Granville and Mitza bags - proof of the transformative powers of Dior :biggrin: