Celebrities and Their Dior - CHAT

  1. haha :p ur right! Dion sounds a lot like Dior though :nuts:
  2. Aaaahhhh she has my dream Nougat ring!!! :drool:
  3. Hey, its MY dream ring ! ;)

    MsFrida, thanks for posting, she looks gorgeous and has exquisite taste. And OMg at the trench coat, I am definitely stealing the idea of crystal belt, ha!
  4. My pleasure! ;)
  5. LOL. You're right!
  6. she actually looks classy here - but the bag is just so tiny.... obviously, just for special occasions
  7. Wooohoo go Beyonce and Mischa!
  8. I swear, Mischa can make the nicest bag look trashy *sigh*
  9. :lol:

    On the flip side, I'd never have expected B to go for the Samourai...

  10. true that, completely not her style ( and doesnt go with what she is wearing btw :biggrin:). WHAT she is actually wearing is another can of worms...LOL
  11. Yeh I actually don't mind the clothes but the necklace and huge look-at-me belt, plus the ratty stringy hair :tdown:
  12. ^^Amen!
  13. Woa, now that must be the first time - and probably last - I think my hair looks better than Beyonces! What on earth is going on with that?

    Nat, you are right about MB ... :biggrin: but it really is a great bag she is wearing, I love it!
  14. thats exactly what I meant.;) Those shoes are overkill oo.
  15. I love this bag!