Celebrities and Their Dior - CHAT

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    I love it too! The ostrich looks beautiful in this blue colour!
  2. Sharon Stone looks so chic in Homme.
  3. I agree. She really knows how to pull it off and maintain a feminine look.
  4. Bobobob, thank you for sharing all of these awesome celeb pictures!
  5. averagejoe:Thank you for the video omy gosh i saw sooo many bags amazing.:biggrin:
  6. You're very welcome! I'm surprised that a lot of the bags didn't make it into the celebrity pictures! I wonder if their assistants checked their bags for them.
  7. I think so..;) i loved it..

    so bummed that the closes store for me from Dior is in Brussels.. or Dusseldorf..:blah:

    Marion Cotillard looks amazing on the pictures.:biggrin:
  8. Anyone know which season Marion's couture dress is from?

  9. hmmm, reminds me of a less volumous (?) version of the haute couture gown Kirsten Stewart wore for the cover of Vanity Fair

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    Marion's dress is a short white version of a lovely degrade couture dress from SS2012 Haute Couture. The degrade embroidery has been changed to white (so the embroidery looks almost sprinkled onto the top), and the bottom ruffled part - also in white - has been cut above the knees.
  11. I think that Marion looks cute in tha dress, but it would look more stunning in degrade white-black. It would be like a "light meets dark" look, which is appropriate for the movie.
  12. Yeah, the all-white is almost too pretty and girly. Very ballerina actually. Still, it's a gorgeous dress. And haute couture too!
  13. I think Emily's dress could be the new Cruise 2013?

  14. The website Fashionista said that Emily was wearing Dior, but at first glance I thought that they got it wrong, because I didn't recognize the dress from any Dior collection. But they are usually accurate on this sort of stuff.

    It does look Dior. I agree that this is most likely from the Cruise 2013 collection, since they dressed Jessica Biel in the same collection as well.