Celebrities and their clothes line.

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  1. Do you like any of the celebrities clothes line. You would think that because they're so fashionable their clothes would be the bomb. For example JLo, Kimora Simmons, Jessica Simpson...I don't think I will buy any of their clothes, I think that they're poor quality.

    Check out this pants from Gwen Steffani (LAMB):lol: .

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And the price is outrageous for these--$325 regular price.

    Would any of you wear these and what do you think of the other celebrities clothes line and shoes.
  2. Whoa. Yeah, thats a negative for me.
  3. For some reason, maybe because those pants are unflattering even on skinny people, those look like men's pants. lol Like the shape of them. I don't like celebrity lines because it's basicly what you could get at walmart but with an inflated price tag. They seem to want to make clothes the cheapest they can and sell them for the most they can. It is funny, though, such fashionable people have such ugly lines.
  4. My point exactly.
  5. ^^^Cool, we agree.
  6. I like Juicy Couture but that's about it... I ABHOR all Coach clothing-- scarves, jackets... but sometimes they have cute shoes. sometimes.
  7. Lol!!:nuts: Those pants are so gross!!!! What is with the extra long seam line in the crotch area??
  8. Horrible pants.
  9. look like clown pants.....yuck :weird:
  10. all I gotta say is PEE YOO.

    I don't think I've ever seen one celebrity clothing line I've liked.
  11. I love Gwen but I think for the most part, the clothes in her LAMB line are terrible. It's stuff that she'd look gorgeous in but us normal people would look like idiots in them.
  12. Gwen Stefani is amazing. However, LAMB is kind of dissapointing. I really like her Harajuku Lovers line though, I have an absolutely adorable ( and super comfy) t-shirt from it, it's much cuter IMO.

  13. I like some of the L.A.M.B line. I also like JLo's Sweetface line but definately not the JLo line. :sick:
  14. Purselova34 is right. Those look like men's pants. I thought they were men's pants until I looked at the description on Nordstrom's site. They remind me of those goofy men's pants that are printed with a tiger-like print in the different NFL team colors.
  15. I thought they were wacky PJ pants when I first saw them.