Celebrities and their Cartier Love Bracelets

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  1. not the most flattering picture....Melissa George

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  2. LOL! What a stack!

    Seriously I want to smack that grimace off her face - she is SO LUCKY! Snap out of it! :P:P

    Okay THIS - is STUNNING. I adore her. LOVE this photo. This makes me fall in love with my LOVE all over again!

    Yeah, me neither. I want to hate her... never liked her (as a fellow competitive tennis player) - and yet I have to smile b/c she has elastic bands around her wrist even in the middle of this $100K + stack ... with two daughters and long hair myself I never seem to leave the house without one either and my girls think they are actually bracelets! :P

    Okay I really don't like LOVE'S on men but in this width it's kind of HOT! I could roll with this!

    SO cute. I met his MOTHER (McSteamy's real life mom!) on the beach in Naples and talked to her for 2 hours while my daughters played in the sand - she is THE NICEST person, told me all about Billie and how Rebecca was pregnant again and how sweet she is... I hope they last. Cute couple! (I'd take McSteamy over McDreamy ANY DAY!) (ps meeting his mom was nice - meeting HIM would have been nicer!) :P

    LOVE this story so so much!

    Nope - cannot see anything past her boobs.

    Me too! Well in early March. this thread has totally made me re-love my LOVE and since I have to take it off for my c-section I think I'm going to take it in to Cartier, have it polished and whatever the new baby's name is engraved so it'll be all shiny and new again for spring! Yay! :smile: Thanks for all the pics ladies! Fun thread!!!
  3. Again Sylvie, wearing a YG love

  4. it's a cartier love party! love the stacking, how indulgent!
  5. Kelly Ripa wears YG love bracelet on front cover March issue of Good housekeeping. Also, great pics of her and her Love inside!!!
  6. Zack Efron

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  7. :nuts: YG Love + db?!
  8. Love his Love ... and his Auburn shirt! :nuts:
  9. does anyone have a pic of princess diana wearing a love????
  10. Hilary Duff

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  11. Looks like Hillary smoked while she was pregnant!! :tdown:
  12. Oh no..I think this article was about how she was letting her hair down after birth..
  13. Kate Levering from Drop Dead Diva

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