Celebrities and H scarves

  1. I know there's a thread with pictures of celebrities and their H items. But is there one with celebrities and H scarves? I'm still a newbie to H and just starting to get into their gorgeous scarves. I :heart: them. I'm curious to see which celebrities wear H scarves and how they tie them. Does anyone have any pictures? I know there's one with Sharon Stone somewhere but I can't seem to find it!

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. :tup: Good idea.
  3. Found it!

  4. Madonna with H scarf worn as a halter top. Sorry, but can't find a bigger picture.

    A collage of celebs wearing scarves. I know Sharon Stone is wearing H. What about the rest?
  5. Rose, that link is wonderful! Great job - love the blog! :smile:
  6. Rose....

    I know that we call Elizabeth The Queen....

    But....really....you are THE QUEEN!!!

    That is fantastic!
    We need to find you some screen shots of helen mirren in The Queen...

    But really, this is fantastic!
  7. My fave:
  8. CB, how could I have forgotten to upload those!! Thank you for reminding me, I'll upload them as soon as I can.:heart:
  9. oh, I should have known you had them in the Rose Archives!!!
    See, this is why you are the real Queen around here, LOL!
  10. I love it too, she looks like good fun here!

  11. ^lol, I also have some screen shots from a 'Perfect Murder'.... .... and another 20 or so pics of Maddie Albright (love her pics)..... really must find something more useful to do with my time!
  12. Hey, look at the happiness you bring us Rose! What more could you ask for!
    We also need to get a screen shot of all the scarves in the air in Devil Wears Prada!! In that movie, the scarves WERE the celebrity, LOL!
  13. Thanks Rose, wow doesn't Sharon Stone rock a scarf!