Celebrites and their bags

  1. When a celebrity buy a new bag, how long do you think they use it for? One week, or two? What do they do with them when they no longer use them?
  2. i'd say they use a different one everyday...i rarely see a celeb using the same bag twice...
  3. Yes, I agree but Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz is not worried about getting caught using the same bag more then once. But how long do they keep it and what do they do with them afterwards?
  4. I know I've heard some interviews where celebrities say they give unwanted items to friends and family members. I've also heard that some celebrities have their assistants actually sell items on eBay for them. I've heard this happens a lot with items in award show gift bags. Other celebrities just put them away in their enormous closets and leave them in there. I'm sure we've all seen pictures and tv shows with female celebrities and their immaculate closets with row upon row of designer shoes that they only wear once. It looks like a shoe store in there.
  5. Well, for one thing, most celebrities are given their handbags as gifts to wear a couple of times and be seen with them. But I'm not jealous....
  6. There are a lot of celebrities who carry the same bag over and over. For example, the Olsen twins carry the same bags alot. VBeckam has been photographed with the same birkins all over the place. etc etc
  7. Yes- and Sienna Miller seemed to be photographed only with that black Balenciaga first for a while there. I love seeing a nice bag getting lovingly used!
  8. probably just a few times!
  9. Depends on the celebrity I guess. some use a bag they love a lot and some switch frequently.
  10. Denise Richards carries the same bag over and over - usually one bag per season. I kind of like that though - it means she really likes them and uses them.
  11. i think that celebs have soo many bags given to them/that they purchase every season that there are those special bags that you and i look @ and say ohhhhh i wish i could just use that not every day but it would be perfect for X.,, but for them they can acutally just buy it use it for X and we (as obsessive celeb stalkers hehe) never see it again

    but then i think celebs just like us sometimes fall in love with one or 2 bags and regardless love them and continue to use them! so those are the ones you see them use over and over again
    like jessica simpson and her LV mono speedy 30, or is it a 40 :smile: i never knew just one of the big ones!!
    And Vanessa Minillo(sp?) and her Kooba chestnut ginger