*~*~*Celebrating Our "Special" Children*~*~*

  1. Hello to you all!

    There are quite a few of us here who have children with special needs. Here is a place to celebrate them and support each other.

    I have 5 boys. My youngest has Down Syndrome. He is the most amazing person I have ever met! Having 4 children before him makes it so easy to take each milestone your child reaches for granted. Watching my baby work so hard to achieve each goal has been a remarkable learning experience for me. Having him has been an incredible blessing. I know there are others here who feel the same way. Please share.
  2. mammabyrdie- Thanks for starting the thread. Thanks for the PM. I have 5 children. 1 girl and 4 boys. The 2 younger boys are faternal twins. At birth they were baby a and baby b. Baby b has autism and baby a is fine. That in itself is a challenge. I love all my children. However my special needs son has this extra special place in my heart. I never would have believed that I could love someone so much and be so close to. I love him just as he is. I remember someone saying GOD has a way of making us love what HE gives us. Because of my son I look at life so much different than before my son. I came to tpf because of my love for purses and I found something completly different. What a blessing. I'm looking forward to chatting with others. Thanks for letting me vent.
  3. Byrdie, my younger sister had Down Syndrome. She was a light in our lives and taught us many things -- mostly how to be joyful, as she was never without a smile.

  4. Just when we think we know it all these precious beings come and teach us something new!
  5. I know what you mean about that smile. My baby is so happy!
  6. Thanks MammaB for starting this thread. Let me share; I have a 8 year old Daughter who is autistic.
    She was born 8 weeks preemie due to me having toxemia & pre-eclamplasia (sp?) my blood pressure was so high that I was retaining so much liquid I looked like the Stay Puff monster.

    The doctors really didn't think I was going to make it after they did an emergency c-section because my kidneys started to fail and my blood pressure continued going up.

    After 7 days in ICU I made it and my DD was in the NICU for 14 days. When she was about 7 or 8 months old my mom said she was not reaching her milestones as in turning over or sitting up and never looked at us. So I acted quickly and began to take her to physical therapy and occupational therapy.
    When she turned 1 & 1/2 the doctors diagnosed her with autism. I was devastated, I cried everyday for over a month, I had to quit my job, I divorced her father because he was in such denial that he refused to cooperate and accept her autism.
    Even till this day there are days when I cry and wonder what happened what did I do wrong. I love my DD so much and I am so thankful for my mom who helps me everyday.
    She is still in diapers and is non-verbal, it's such a challenge and I am constantly worried about her future and who's going to take care of her when I am gone. I try not to think of that and take it one day at a time. She is my only child and I will never have children again.
    When she does repeat words and smile and laugh, it makes me so happy. I hope and pray that we soon find a cure or the cause and treatment for autism because the number of children with this continue to increase without reason.
    Thanks for letting me share such a long post.
  7. My DD is almost 7 years-old and her current diagnosis is PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified). We have been told by a few specialists that she exhibits some symptoms of Aspergers (high-functioning autism), but she does not meet the exact criteria necessary for the diagnosis. Her major delays are social and pragmatic language. She has been receiving speech and occupational therapy since she was about 4 years-old. She has improved immensely and I can not stress the importance of early intervention when it comes to these types of delays. For the most part, our DD is happy and healthy. We have our challenges, but we also feel very blessed:smile:
  8. Thank you, mammabyrdie for starting this wonderful thread.

    My son (almost 7) is autistic and oh, the blessing he has brought, the things he has taught me. It really is a privilege to be his mum.
  9. Welcome beautiful mommies! Thank you for never giving up on you children.

    My prenatal testing kept showing I had an elevated risk of having a baby with Down's, only a 5-6% chance. My fetal echo showed my baby measured within normal range. I really didn't want to have any more testing. I wanted to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. I knew I'd love my baby regardless. I probably would have stressed myself and baby out during my pregnancy if I knew before. It remained in the back of my mind that he could have Down Syndrome.

    He came 2 weeks early (almost in the car) and had some respiratory issues. Baby went to the NICU where they took excellent care of him! Thank God he didn't need heart surgery. He was able to come home with me two days later.

    I can't forget how so many well meaning medical professionals told me they'd support whatever decisions I would make to end my pregnancy. Also, the nurses in the NICU who told me about all the things he wouldn't be able to do because of his Down's. I guess I was stupid enough to ignore them all, put my faith in God and raise him the same as my other children.

    I'm happy to say that he has done all the things I was told he wouldn't be able to do. He hasn't been in and out of the doctor's office as I was also told. He has a wonderful infant teacher and was recently authorized to have a physical therapist who is ready to teach him how to walk a full year earlier than expected. I tell you all this only to remind you that faith and preserverance can conquer anything.
  10. I have a dear dear friend who has a 4 yr old son that has Down Syndrome, I love that little guy like he was my own. I often watch him for her if she has errands to run or doctors visits. He is the sweetest little man! He is beginning to talk and he can communicate very well with sign language and facial expressions. I am thrilled to be apart of his life, and my almost 2yr old daughter adores him. They are the bestest of friends. He sees her and smiles and he runs to her and gently rubs her face....I melt. :cloud9:
  11. :cry:So Sweet! My baby is signing a bit too. I'm so happy you have someone with Down's in your life. Unless you know, it is hard to explain how much they add to your life. Thank you for being a great friend and making a difference in his and his family's life.
  12. Thank you mammabyrdie for starting this thread!! I just read all the posts and sit her with tears in my eyes for the beautiful words I've read and for the common bond we all share! These special children are such a blessing to bring us together like this!

    I have 2 children. I have a typical 12 year old daughter who is excelling in 6th grade. And then my special needs son is 10 and really doesn't have a true diagnosis - even still. I'm ok with that - we just plod along each day and try new tests as they come along. But we generally can say he is PDD-NOS (Pervasive Devel. Delay- Not otherwise specified.) He is globally delayed and is, for the most part, non-verbal. He does make verbal approximations and some signs. We know what he wants - most of the time - but others usually don't. He is in public school in a self-contained classroom. With his bright red hair and big grin and happy disposition, he is well known with all the typical kids at his school. They usually just see a blur as he runs down the hallway!

    We knew when he was about 5 months old that something just wasn't quite normal with him and he wasn't meeting developmental milestones. It has been quite a journey but I've been blessed with being about to share and relate to many other special needs families in the Atlanta area which has been so helpful! I look forward to more "conversations" with you all! Thanks again Mammabyrdie! My son loves balloons, trains, American flags and any kind of animals - especially puppies and chickens (see pic!) We even had backyard chickens for a while and he LOVED them.
  13. What a wonderful thread! :woohoo:
  14. I'm very happy to have found you ladies. I'm further along in this journey. My son is 20. He will be 21 in May. Someone once told me that GOD gives special chilren to special people. I believe that with all my heart. Things are better because he did become verbal around 8. He started to use the bathroom abouth the sme time. I won't say that it is not still a challenge because it is. He's such a wonderful young man. He begin reading when he was 2. We are fortunate because in my state there is special education until age 26There are days when I feel like I can't go on another day, then God sends something or someone that makes everything okay again. Meeting you ladies was one of those blessings. Who would have guessed that a person would be able to get such comfort for a website about purses. Blessing come in many ways. Thank you ladies. Friends try to understand but they really can't. You ladies do. GOD BLESS
  15. kathrynch - You know I'm partial to red heads. He's Gorgeous!

    mlag724 - :hugs: