Food Celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary..


Aug 16, 2007
The craft room.
I always like to think that the world celebrates our 1/2 anniversary with us every year on this day. Because January 1st (New Years) has been our 1/2 anniversary for 6 1/2 years!! Today however was our first 6th month anniversary as husband and wife, and it was amazing. (We celebrate January 1st, first and foremost as our anniversary, then as New Years second. We, and our love comes before anything else. ;);))

And what did we decide to do to celebrate?? By eating our wedding cake!! We decided to eat it as 6 months instead of 1 year in fear that at the 1 year mark, the cake might taste a hot mess. We totally lucked out because our cake tastes freaking UH-MAY-ZING!! (Thanks for freezing it and keeping it for us Mom!!) I totally forgot that we had a total of 3 flavors for cakes, our wedding cake being two of the flavors (I forgot until we cut into our cake today!!). So it was such a surprise to cut open into strawberry shortcake!! We never got to try it at the wedding day but boy oh boy is it YUM!! Our wedding cake was two flavors and 3 tiers, mixed fruit (the one we tried when we cut the cake on our big day), and strawberry short cake (another layer) and the grooms cake was chocolate and Nutella.

Just wanted to share a photo of how our cake held up. In my opinion it held up pretty good!! My Mom kept it in her fridge and yes stuff was resting on it (even against it) so there's some dents in it. The cake when we brought it home frozen smelled pretty good. But once it defrosted over night it was smelling fabulous. When we sliced that sucker open after dinner the aroma was potent!! Smelled so yummy and fruity!! Cake was still so soft and moist (probably the softest cake ever!!) and the fruit tasted so darn good!!

First 5 photos are of the wedding cake on the day of our wedding. The design detail was to die for!! The 6th photo is how it's held up over the past couple of months. Not as perfect looking but most definately in beyond perfect tasting conditions!! :drool::drool:

Thanks so much for letting me share with all you foodies!!