Celebrating 25 years with LV, new duffle...help me choose


Which keepall should I get?

  1. Mono, can't go wrong with a classic

  2. Damier, cool update on the classic

  3. Nomade, risky...but so worth it

  4. None, Tink, you have too many big bags!

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  1. Between Millemini's thread on 'your first trip to LV' and John's 'What made you' thread...the seed has really been planted...I need a new duffle!

    Here's tha back story:

    So, since I have couple of 45's (cerise and MC, white) I think I want to go for a 55.

    Should I go for classic mono, since that's what it is replacing...


    Or update with a damier?

    I hate to even admit, I am thinking about Nomade too...ehh! gads! I must be nuts...if I did get this I would put it in the sun and rotate, rotate, rotate and not use it for atleast 6 months to develope a patina.

  2. Damier! : )
  3. I'd go w/Damier too, its a big plus b/c it dosen't have any vachetta, less LV vachetta to worry about! Also less chance to be mistaken as fake since most replicas of keepalls are in mono. Happy Early Birthday!
  4. :nuts: you made my day, I am not 25....I wish...25 years since I got my first LV!
  5. My vote is to stick with the monogram - there's nothing like a classic, IMO. It will never go out of style.

    How neat that your son took your first keepall to college with him!
  6. damier or azur?!?!?
  7. nomade is my faforite but as you say risky!
  8. Mono- even though I love Damier, I prefer the keepall in mono. Plus, it'll complement your cerise keepall if you want to use both simultaneously (road trips, etc,)
  9. Update with the Damier. I have a monogram Keepall 50 with a shoulder strap. I love it and use it as a carry on. Bought it last year, not long before the Damiers came out. Given the choice, I'd pick the Damier now. Less worry about the leather care!:rolleyes: I have to add that I love my monogram Carryall even more!
  10. I love this bag in mono!
  11. Im monogirl but it has to be said the Damier rocks and no one has it. i never see it at the airports. so id go damier. definitely!
  12. twinkle.tink:

    I remember that LV counter at Macy's Valley Fair!!! I use to think LVs were so ugly - brown with crazy initials all over - and now I'm so in love with LV!!! I live in L.A. now but every time I'm in the Bay Area, I go to Valley Fair!! Love the new version of that mall! I say go for Damier!!! It's so elegant and you won't have to worry about vachetta or Nomade leather getting scratched or dirty. Congrats!!!

    Oh yeah... you can never have too much LV!!!!!
  13. damier:heart:
  14. the mono. Love it for a keepall.
  15. I love the Nomade, but it might be practical to get the Damier instead...:shrugs: