Celebrating 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. So with this post, I reach 2000! Wow.


    Had to celebrate, nothing big....but here it is:


    I collect fashion dolls (but not as much since I got even more hooked on Coach and LV, LOL) but of course, this was the first thing I thought of, Ms. Tyler Wentworth and her new bag:


    And then Mew, he couldn't not be included. LOL.

    doll01.jpg doll02.jpg doll03.jpg
  2. Congrats! Cute purchase :smile:
  3. How cute! Congrats on your being a senior poster.
  4. You are so funny! Congrats on your post, 2000 Wow!
    Love your cats face too, so adorable!
  5. LOL! He's a grouchy old man. LOL.
  6. Cute!!

    Congrats on reaching 2000!!!
  7. yay on the 2K and the great purchase!!!
  8. Congrats Krispin! Love your cat - is he a Maine Coon?
  9. Congratulations 2K!

    I was just thinking how funny the pets are in this forum. So many insert themselves in the "collection" and "new purchase" pictures.
  10. happy 2000th !

    yippy !
  11. Congrats. Your cat is adorable.
  12. Congrats on 2000!! You're kitty is too cute! Thanks for the pic! :yes:
  13. Congrats!!! Love your kitty!
  14. happy 2k!

    i'm already planning for my 10k, lol.
  15. ^^ now for that, we need something special :graucho:

    congrats krispin!! :yahoo: :party: :yahoo: love your got see's? as well, teehee.