Celebrate with me - my Spy is home!

  1. Come celebrate with me - my Spy is home! As some of you know... in December, I sent my bag to the boutique to be repaired because the spy compartment had broken off. They'd told me it would take months for the bag to be repaired because the new piece had to be brought in directly from Italy. A week or so ago, I requested that they try to get the piece in quickly because I wanted to carry it around when I go visiting with my relatives over the Chinese New Year, and I just got it back! :wlae:

    I am so absolutely over the moon - I've missed her terribly! Here are some pictures to share again.. she's getting stain repellent treatment so she doesn't look all that glamorous.. But who cares - I'm ecstatic! :yahoo:



    And this is the part that was broken and fixed back...
  2. Oh my!!! What a gorgeous spy!!! I love it! Congrat's on getting her back!!!
  3. She still looks pretty glamorous to me!
  4. Such a lovely spy go glad she is mended. Congrats
  5. yay, so glad she is home lol :biggrin:

    gorgeous, stunning spy indeed :smile:
  6. Very beautiful spy......I can understand why you missed her so much.:yes:
  7. Congrats! I'm so happy your baby is home!!! She looks absolutely divine!
  8. pyrexia, so glad your BABY is back home!! :yahoo:She looks wonderful!
  9. Thank you all ladies - she looks divine on my arm! :yahoo:
    I was looking at her today and I just realized, all over again, how incredibly smooshy she is, and how bubbly the leather is :love:

    It's lovveee all over again! :love::love:
  10. pretty :smile:
  11. gorgeous bag :love:
  12. Fantastic - it must be like having a new bag all over again! She's a real beauty as well - that leather is tdf!

    Excellent thats shes now fixed
  13. Wow! So pretty!!!!
  14. I can understand that agony. Congrats!
  15. Heyyyyyyyy! I'm happy you got your baby back! I'd go crazy missin' her too! And stain repellent treatment or not, the girl still looks VERY glam to me!