Celebrate: What We Didn't Buy

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  1. There are many threads about how we've got problems with bag addiction, spending problems, debt problems. We make vows to ourselves to limit our bag purchases or not buy any at all for a year or six months or until we do '________' (insert your requirement here).

    We make resolutions, we make friends with like-minded women, but still... We buy. Yes, the main solution would be to quit tPF, but we can't, because there's no place else like home, and that's here (for the bag-crazy).

    I propose a different solution - or an aid to help. Post what we didn't buy, and feel proud of ourselves for each purchase we didn't make. A sort of 'one day at a time' outlook, and I'll go first (and I'm really shocked at myself at how many times I've almost bought a bag in the last several weeks!

    Today, I did not buy a Sunshine Yellow Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini.
    Last night, I did not buy a Fire Engine Red Rebecca Minkoff Beloved Mini.
    Day before yesterday, I did not buy a Bottega Veneta Cervo Hobo in Elephant.
    Last week, I did not buy two different colors of the Lucky Brand Del Rey Mini Tote (and it was on a crazy sale!).
    The week before that I did not buy the Lucky Brand Montgomery Hobo in Indigo Blue, nor the Frye Brook Small Satchel (curse you, N0rdstrom Rack).
    And the first part of the month, I did not buy two bags at N0rdstrom (it sucks living next to th Mall of America) whose brand names I don't remember but they were SO PRETTY!

    So, you can see, just this month alone, I would have 9 new bags. But I'm :gritting teeth: REFORMED.

    Your turn...
  2. Great thread! I recently went 6 months without buying, and it was tough to resist temptation sometimes. I will post here next time I'm tempted, as I would like to go a while again.
  3. Fortunately I don't live close to the Mall of America....I would put myself in real danger if I did.....
    But wintersales started on the 8th of January and I spent quite a lot of time looking for good deals....on the Internet, particularly on Italian websites.
    I had put 4bags on my wishlist:
    2 Chloé Marcie , one in red, the other in blue
    A gorgeous Fendi Chameleon in bordeaux....
    A Givenchy Nightingale.....
    Something around 3000 euros if I could not resist temptation......
    All four were great deals.
    I could not make a decision as to which bag I would buy .
    Buying all four was pure craziness....I have so many bags already.
    And then ......when I had a last look at my whishlist, nearly ready to click the add to cart button, I saw that all had sold out!
    No regrets....But I am very proud of myself!
  4. I bought and returned (without using): the Alexander Wang Rocco bag -- cool design, but way too heavy...and it was hell to get in and out of and find my stuff.

    I will not buy Givenchy Antigona in the, er, near future....or hopefully "long future." lol. I just bought a Chanel PST ("Holy Grail") and I love it to SO MUCH; that's expensive enough for me for a long while!

    I will not buy anything Celine, even though I like the designs. Too expensive, though.

    Hmmm....I like this thread a lot!!! Nice job, OP! I'll continue to add as I think of them.
  5. I've had bookmarks on various websites for sales on specific designers that I've been checking on multiple times daily and I have to say that I'm glad that I didn't buy many random pop backs on items I normally wouldn't buy full price. I think the thrill of knowing that there is only one available and it could be snatched up at any second gives me a rush. I am getting better at this year after year. I am trying to curb my buy now, think about it later mentality.
  6. Had a little laugh when I saw this! What a wonderful idea for a thread. The only way not to get sucked into buying is to develop other hobbies and pastimes. For example don't hang around 'shopping blogs' look into developing skills and hobbies, ( learn yoga properly, start knitting, read about aromatherapy are some of the things I do, there are lots more) I actually love bags, and love researching them, but it doesn't mean I need to buy them as well.:smile: there is a nice blog ( non shopping) to check out http://into-mind.com/2014/01/05/ethical-fashion-and-minimalism-a-natural-fit/

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  7. GREAT idea and thread.

    I did not buy:

    BV Maxi Veneta or Large Belly (but I will when I find one the right colour)

    Hermes Victoria (I can't deal with the handles)

    Gucci 58 Heartbeat Print Leather Top-handle (although I did buy RTW in the same print :angel: )
  8. Well done, it's too easy to go into spree mode after one purchase
  9. OH! SIx months! I envy you. I will make it that long, I will. :smile:

    Yes, it's the crazy sales that are so, so tempting. One can almost rationalize any purchase if the price is low enough! You SHOULD be proud of you!

    Thank you - and I have my holy grail bag, too - so I really shouldn't even be LOOKING at other bags. Is that like having an affair? :lol:

    Oooo, I've done that. It is a bit thrilling to keep checking back - but I haven't done it for a while, I can't recall when I finally broke myself of th

    Well, I did get a puppy, now dog. That probably helped me a lot. I did take a several-month break from tPF, too. That really helped, but my friends here missed me a LOT and let me know about it. That made me feel good.

    Oh my, you do walk hallowed halls - you have ELEVATED the art of 'not buying' :biggrin:

    I remembered the brand of the bag I didn't buy at N0rdstrom - it was a Steve by Steve Madden - OMG, it was the softest leather...

    But I feel good about not buying it.
  10. Thanks! My husband is quite happy that I'm satisfied....for now. I'm holding on to the feeling as long as possible!!!
  11. Haha!!! Yes, I feel like it IS like having an affair!!! LOL. Why cheat when you have "the one"??!! Lol.
  12. Love this!

    I did not buy a majorly marked down Marc Jacobs Stam or the majorly marked down, and absolutely gorgeous, true red Marc Jacobs Wellington at Nordstrom Rack. I'm still rather shocked that I walked away from them, but am oh so proud of myself for doing so! :tup:
  13. If you want the truth - I did buy the Lucky Brand Montgomery Hobo and returned it the next day - and I STILL felt like I couldn't do it, just couldn't - the price was insane - again, I hate N0rdstrom Rack! ;)

  14. I also walked away from the red Marc Jacobs Wellington in our local Nordstrom Rack. I saw it there twice last week. I was surprised it wasn't snapped up.
  15. Obviously other women are NOT BUYING and celebrating! I hope with a libation of their choice!:lol: