Celebrate good times, c'mon! La la la la la la laaaa!

  1. Thanks to the fab ladies of the forum, following three days of technical difficulties re ordering from the US site whilst in the UK, I have now placed my order for the gold clutch. Please pray all goes well and she gets brought home to me for tlc next week.

    Love y'all!
  2. OOOh great news!! I love that gold cutch.
  3. I loved the title of your thread. I love your choice. Super news!
  4. Hey........Kool and the Gang.........we'll celebrate with you, ebruo, when your Ottone clutch arrives!!:party:
  5. ohhh a gold clutch pls post pics :smile:
  6. Oooooo! Do you mean the knot or a wallet?

  7. Well done e! Great news indeed. :yahoo:

    You now made me want one too! Oh dear!
  8. :yahoo:

    Congrats e! Glad that tPF helped in your securing your gold clutch. Now don't you love us more? ;)
  9. Great news! The gold clutch is gorgeous, congrats Ebruo. =)