Celebrate 1000th post with my new goodie***PIC***

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  1. YAY!!! this is my 1000th post and i waited to celebrate it with my new purchase.....which is...taadaa.....naa.....a story first...haha....here goes...

    i'm so into accessories right now as some of u ladies might remember me getting a rose inclusion pm just last week.....

    so yesterday my SA called for me to pick up my transparent inclusion ring but i didn't really like how it looks on me, i guess it's still new and i'm not used to the look yet so i decided not to get it

    i felt like i had to buy something...i really want to get something so i cruised through different bracelet pieces and here's my choice....

    LV Suhali S-Lock bracelet in white!!:yahoo:

    ps. also i'll be looking for a discontinued rose inclusion GM in hongkong, keeping my fingers crossed that i'll get it...i'll keep u posted so wish me luck and enjoy the pic :love:



  2. wowowo i LOVE it
    congrats to your new accessory and good luck for the rose inclusion GM
  3. It's beautiful Priscilla :yes: , suhali leather is TDF :love:
  4. Congrats I adore that cuff:love: White suhali is soooo stunning:heart:
  5. VEry nice. I love suhali
  6. gorgeous!! and congrats on the 1000th!!
  7. thank ladies....

    cherryberry : i really do hope i'll find the bracelet!! :smile:
  8. aw, so pretty, congrats! and also congrats on your 1,000th post!! :yahoo:
  9. very pretty, congrats!
  10. haha actually i shouldn't have waited for 1000th post to show the pic of my newbie....cuz now it's not exactly 1000th anymore....silly me :smile:
  11. Gorgeous :love: and congrats
  12. congrats! very nice!
  13. congrats! It's really pretty! And congrats on 1000 posts!
  14. that bracelet is so pretty, congrats :smile:
  15. Cool bracelet! Good luck finding GM!