Celebrate 1000th post with my new goodie***PIC***


Miss Penne' Cotta
Oct 6, 2006
YAY!!! this is my 1000th post and i waited to celebrate it with my new purchase.....which is...taadaa.....naa.....a story first...haha....here goes...

i'm so into accessories right now as some of u ladies might remember me getting a rose inclusion pm just last week.....

so yesterday my SA called for me to pick up my transparent inclusion ring but i didn't really like how it looks on me, i guess it's still new and i'm not used to the look yet so i decided not to get it

i felt like i had to buy something...i really want to get something so i cruised through different bracelet pieces and here's my choice....

LV Suhali S-Lock bracelet in white!!:yahoo:

ps. also i'll be looking for a discontinued rose inclusion GM in hongkong, keeping my fingers crossed that i'll get it...i'll keep u posted so wish me luck and enjoy the pic :love: