CELEB LV lovers - pics from US Mag

  1. my fave is def the motard that Rihanna is carrying:

  2. I love the Limelight clutch. Thanks for posting!
  3. ^mee tooooo! especially in copper....:drool:
  4. Love Ashley's scarf and the limelight!
  5. Me too....love that bag!!
  6. I like Vanessa's bag!
  7. I love the Stephen ... I'm still kicking myself for passing that one up:noggin:
  8. Oh :nuts: Make me really want Copper Limelight & Ashley's scarf.
  9. i saw someone reading that in class today. i was reading over her shoulder! :smile:
  10. yes im just dreaming to become a celeb..:tender:
  11. There all beautiful!! Thanks for posting
  12. i love the motard on rhianna -- it is HOT
  13. Love seeing celebs with their bags!
  14. Thanks for posting!