ceiling light bulb-too close to LV?


Nov 25, 2007
Been a member here for many years and have never seen this question asked!
We have his and her narrow walk-in side by side closets. On my closet ceiling is 1 upside down light bulb with a pull chain. Well I have double sheves above my hanging clothes against the length of the wall. When my bulb is on, I can feel the heat on my hand from it (when my hand is 2-3 inches away). Can the heat or the light damage my LVs that are stored in dustbags on top shelf inches from the light bulb? The light is only on for a very short time and the bags are diagonal from it, not touching bulb or directly underneath. Do you think they are safe? If I store all my bags on the closet floor, I will have no walk-in space! Thanks for opinions on this post!
Apr 18, 2011
Bags shouldnt be on the top just because heat rises and they will crack up thier . And yes the heat will dammage them. I would not trustl it ever . Its not worth it