~*Cee's (leaning) tower of minkoff!!*~

  1. This picture kills me all the time!!! One of these days, I will get me a Blake!

  2. eehlers - AMEN SISTA!! must suffer for fashion, right?? :graucho: i'm so glad u didn't send bad boy blake back!!! he's truly one-of-a-kind!!! i'm totally used to carrying heavy bags even though i have chronic shoulder pain (i tend to slouch alot lol) so i imagine i'll be fine!! i'll suffer for embellishments, studs, hardware, suede lining, and more studs!! :lol:
  3. red, u should definitely check out MJ's older styles (blake, venetia, ursula, sophia, etc)!! it's a "either u love it or hate it" kinda relationship!! i didn't even notice these styles until of course TPF!! i swear this place is a blessing and a curse (mostly a blessing hehe)!! i'm still trying to find my perfect first stam, the style who initally brought me to TPF :biggrin:
  4. After posting about him yesterday, I realized that I need to send some quality time with him. So I just loaded him up, so that he can be my date for the week. I love the three compartments...he keeps me organized. :biggrin:
  5. Can't wait till you're in the Blake Club with me! You'll love it!!
  6. Soooooooo.....has Blake's sister arrived??? I'm dyin' over here!
  7. :bump: yay! a bump in my thread means it's REVEAL TIME!!! :yahoo:

    found this gorgeoous beauty very late at night and checked out within 2 minutes of seeing her!!! LOVE!!!!!!

    here's a hint:
  8. FDL!! Best lining ever. What is she?!?!
  9. AGREED!!! FDL = BEST LINING EVER!!! :ghi5:
  10. HERE SHE IS.....


    does anyone know what year she's from??? i've never even seen this MAM before.... EVER!! seller listed it as a MAB and while i prefer MAM's i still checked out bc of the combo w/ FDL lining but when i got home today and saw her, she turned out to be a MAM!! it was meant to be!!! :love::love:

    this leather is soft like buttah!! feels just like the cream leather on my choco BW/cream MAM!
    IMG_0601.jpg IMG_0603.jpg IMG_0609.jpg IMG_0610.jpg IMG_0624.jpg
  11. and of course MOD SHOTS!! i literally just got home from the airport and she was right there on our front door!! THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!!
    IMG_0612.jpg IMG_0613.jpg IMG_0614.jpg IMG_0615.jpg
  12. Ohhhhhhhh!! I owned this in a MAB and you are so right, the leather is like butter, so soft it's unreal!! It's gorgeous! Looks fab on you..although I haven't seen a bag that doesn't! :p
  13. lastly, here's my MAM trio!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

    the end. thanks for letting me share ladies!! more reveals later this week!! :graucho:
    IMG_0619.jpg IMG_0620.jpg IMG_0623.jpg
  14. Beautiful!!! Love, love, love!
  15. Ceeeeeee!!!!! So gorgeous! I must find FDL someday. And it looks like it's in amazing condition!! Congrats on a beautiful find!!