CeeJay's got a New Bag (B-Bag of Course); Found my Emerald Beauty!!!

  1. I GOT IT ... Bob Ellis had the Emerald Green City on their website ... KA-CHING ... ordered it right up!!!

    Man ... after the day I've had, I needed some serious retail therapy!
    Here's the pic ... (I'll post when I get it too!):
    Emerald B-Bag.jpg
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  2. Pretty! I'm still lusting after a City in the origan color, but have to hold off on any new bags for a couple of months. I'd love to see the actual color of the Emerald...in some pics it looks darker and blue-er, in others a brighter green.
  3. Congrats!!!!! I love that color!
  4. pseub, i'm getting a city in origan, and i'm not sure if its me yet, so if i decide to sell it i'll let you know...
  5. oh man! what a beautiful emerald city! congrats, CeeJay!
  6. Beautiful green color. Congrats Ceejay
  7. Congrats Ceejay!!! I am so excited for you- I know how you really wanted this one! Enjoy, its fab!
  8. Wow! I love that color! Congrats, CeeJay!
  9. Oh CeeJay, your collection is even more envy inciting ! I love the colour, gorgeous !
  10. Congrats, and what a gorgeous green color!
  11. beautiful bag Ceejay, I saw that one bobellis too. and considered ordering it. but I thought it was too dark for me so I got the origan. but I'm sure it'll look lovely on you.
  12. very nice. great color to add to your awesome collection!
  13. Very nice CeeJay; it's been a while since you bought a new b-bag, yes?
  14. It's gorgeous, CeeJay! What a great addition to your beautiful collection :nuts:
  15. It's gorgeous! I saw it in Selfridges the other day, had to be pulled away by my friend as I was drooling too much lol!
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