CeeJay's Boobies (Rated PG)!!!

  1. Here's the '06 Cornflower Blue Boobie on my '08 Marine Bowler ...

    ... and another Boobie [not a duplicate color] will SOON be added to the collection - :yahoo:!!!
  2. Just for fun ... here's the contents of my bag:

    1. Background: Sang Mini-Money Wallet
    2. Marine Coin Purse
    3. Beige (Stardust) Pencil
    4. Outremer Key Chain
    5. Cornflower Blue Boobie
    6. Outremer Make-Up

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  3. omg i am in looooove with your collection! :salute:
    where can i get one? :[
  4. Unfortunately, Balenciaga doesn't make them anymore :tdown::cursing::pout:!!! In 2009, they had a special online promotion where they made certain ones to go with the '09 colors ... other than that, all of mine are from prior years.

    Every once in a while, they pop up on eBay or some of the various consignment sites (e.g., Real Deal Collection or Ann's Fabulous Finds). I find them to be extremely functional; I actually attach them to non-Balenciaga bags (although I carry Balenciaga the most frequently).
  5. Congratulations your collection of Boobies is absolutely amazing :biggrin:
  6. My brand new Ice Blue Boobie (next to it's sister - '06 Cornflower Blue/Bleuet)!!
  7. Some better pictures of the '05 Ice Blue Boobie ...

  8. Some more Ice Blue pics ..

  9. Thanks *Cari284*; it's been many years in the making and I'm always on the lookout :search:for more!!
  10. Oh my, what beautiful boobies you have! You are also the PT Bbag queen!
  11. Hahah, the boobies are so cute :lol:
  12. very nice collection. thanks for sharing.
  13. thx 4 sharing..
  14. wow, they are so cute on the bags! love them all :smile:
  15. i love your boobies! makes me want one! great collection