CeeJay's Boobies (Rated PG)!!!

  1. i love your boobies i always come back to this thread!
  2. These are so cool!
  3. Okay ... finally had the opportunity to take photos of my really "prized" Boobies. First, is the original one - a 2005 Black Boobie that I picked up at Harvey Nichols in London (along with the Shoulder). The leather, as one would expect on a 2005, is wonderful.

    Some folks have requested 'inside' pics, so here you go ...


  4. My prized 2005 Magenta ... love this baby!!! I have this in addition to the '04/05 Metallic Magenta from the Holiday collection!

  5. My all-time prized one, is a Rouge Theatre boobie ... boy, did I have to hunt for this one!!!



  6. I Must have one!

    Very nice collection CeeJay!

  7. I must say, I love the title of the thread. I didn't know what boobies were until today..
    You've enlightened me..
  8. Yay CeeJay Love your boobies...I only have one, white from 07 i think...had to hunt that one down too, I wanted more boobies, but have no luck finding them anymore..oh well, good thing we have you!!! and your wonderful Boobies, errrr Planets! :p
  9. GREAT Collection of Balenciaga's Boobies!! :lol:
  10. I absolutely :heart: your collection of boobies! And your beautiful bags you hang them on! They look really cool and look like they can come in handy better than a pouch for some things...
  11. what a gorgeous collection!!
  12. Here's the Cornflower Blue in 'action' (on my '08 Electric Blue GGH PT)!!
  13. at first I loved the boobies and thought what a wonderful collections and then you posted bags and then it turned into a beautiful collection for me

    enjoy your boobies and bags

    love the alice and wonderland boobie and that cornflower bag is gorgeous
  14. LOL! "Boobies!" :smile:
  15. OMG !! Hail The B:smile::smile:BIE Queen !! :dothewave::drinkup::ghi5:

    what a collection *C* !! :nuts: :heart:'n that Bronze !! :love: