CeeJay's Balenciaga Bags

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  1. Yeah ... I've got more, but here's a few for now ...
    • Pink Metallic - Medium City Classique (2004 Holiday collection)
    • Indigo - Medium City Classique (2004 Fall/Winter)
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  2. The oink! The pink!!! Oooooooooh......*drool*
  3. YES! I've been waiting for you to put up your delicious B-bag collection!! :nuts: :love:
  4. the blue is BEAUTIFUL!
  5. I love the blue too.

    Is that a marble countertop? I went looking at surfaces today...just curious. :biggrin:
  6. I want to be CeeJay's sister and share that collection!:love:
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  7. ooohhh....i love the blue one! great color!
  8. mmmm the pink looks magenta! very pretty. love them all.
  9. The indigo bag is gorgeous :love:
  10. Great bags. Great colors. You have grrrrrrreat taste, Ceejay!
  11. your pink one is AMAZING. the color, it's so bright! i LOVE it!!! :love: if i ever get a balenciaga, it has to be metallic
  12. I LOVE them both! Lucky!
  13. I looove the pink, it's gorgeous !
  14. Yeah ... the PINK is my favorite of all my Balenciaga Bags!!! I so wanted that bag, and I kept on missing out because I was working in London at the time and found out that the Pink Metallic was made exclusively for Barneys NY (so I was told).

    'Lo and behold, I'm on the Internet sending emails from the Hotel to my family, and happened to be surfing on eBay ... when BOOIIIINNGG ... I see the Pink Metallic!!! I didn't even think about it ... hit that BUY IT NOW button SO FAST :nuts: :biggrin: !!! The seller was Maerim, so it's legitimate (there was a previous thread on her; she's okay!).

    Yes, I overpaid a bit :cry: , but I don't care ... I WANTED THIS BAG!!!
  15. Here's my Seafoam Voyage/Weekender Bag. Notice the leather on this baby ... it's superb! However, the lighter color bags really show the wear & tear (including dirt) a lot more than the darker colors:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.